Do the right thing: Flirting at the Oktoberfest

Less is more! The human subconscious decision within a split second if it "fits" between two people. If you reinspürt in and tries to listen to his inner voice one saves for a lot of time and trouble ;-) On the other, but then gives "automatic" the right contact ! br>
For men:

The best pick-up line of all time

Just the opposite look in his eyes. Keeps the eye contact for 2 seconds or longer, it is more than a fleeting view or "Scan" - then go for the greatest pickup line of all time: "Hi " :-)

"The secret to bore is to say everything" (Voltaire)

Thus , the ice is broken , that is, So the first verbal contact is made . How to proceed ? About what you talk ? The simple answer : as little as possible ;-) Seriously , talking about work, etc, can be boring. Just tell stories or even better and simpler: Listen to ! And when is the right moment to kiss ?
That you will learn in our ebook " Flirt Guide Wiesn" .

E -book " Flirting on the Wiesn" with Kiss guarantee

If you get with the help of this E -Books no woman kissing at the Oktoberfest you get the 150, - EUR refunded ! Easy! After your order you will receive a confirmation and the bank details for transferring ways.

What ? 150 euros ? Are you crazy?

It's simple: what you learn here is the most important thing from years of " Try & Study " . In half an hour you get the entire know-how including real stories that I have experienced and a simple step-by- step guide which you can use for a lifetime! In any situation with a woman - not only at the Oktoberfest . This e-book is so worth every penny. But : you decide!

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