Dirndl 3 Pieces

The complete outfit for your octoberfest-visit!
Looking great!

Dirndl short with pinafore

"Silk & Pearls"
Really great!

Price: 999,- EUR at Loden Frey

Show it's yours: mark your beer mug!

Ahhh, what a nice idea!
No more commuting!
Katrin invented pretty handmade beer mug ribbons to show what is yours :-)

Price: 15 EUR / Piece
Order here

NEW at wiesn-shop.com: a "buckskin breeches"

Every real bavarian buys at least one and uses ist for a lifetime!
This is the reason that paying about 1000 Euro is okay! Streches if you change your weight!
This will be a heirloom!

You can buy it at Amazon

the Wiesn-beer bug for ladies and women

With two handles everyone can drink :-)

Get it now at Amazon

Oktoberfest wall calendar

wall calendar 2013 DIN A2

Hurry and order immediately at Amazon.de

The Wiesn songbook

A must-have if you want to be professionally prepared!
Finally all the lyrics :-)

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