Why Do Germans Wear Lederhosen

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Lederhosen are referred as ‘Leather pants’ and they are regarded as the traditional costumes that emerged from alpine areas of Germany, Bavaria, Austria, Switzerland, and Luxemburg. They were initially worn for hard physical labor and were made up of durable and easy to clean fabric to facilitate them in their rigorous work. But now the lederhosen have gone through many evolution phases and have rendered them as a leisurewear. However, there has been an argue regarding its origin. Some people don’t consider it as an exclusive Bavarian costume and they rather believe that this dress was worn all over the Europe not only by peasants but all outdoor activists e.g. hunters, riders, etc.

The use of lederhosen was dropped in the 17th century and people regarded it as unfriendly dress that is not acceptable to the new generation. However, some people were not happy with this development and as a result of it, in 1880 an insurgence set in and several clubs were founded to revive and preserve the alpine traditional clothing. Their efforts resulted in enabling lederhosen as a costume to be carried on traditional festivals and occasions rather than at work. It gained worldwide recognition when almost every man in the world’s largest beer festival (Oktoberfest) put it on. Oktoberfest is celebrated in Munich every year in September to commemorate the royal wedding held in 1810 at Munich meadows. Women fancy to put on their Bavarian traditional dress that is known as ‘Dirndl’, while men put on ‘lederhosen’. It is considered as a symbol of pride for Bavarian men who wore lederhosen in all the traditional festivals and special occasions.

The worldwide recognition to lederhosen has also made Germans love their costume even more. In the last 30 years, people from all over the world travel to Munich to attend the world largest beer festival and they even put-on lederhosen to participate in this glory evet. Many international non-German designers have introduced different versions of lederhosen. The international admiration and love for lederhosen is causing the Germans to feel pride for their traditional clothes. Therefore, every year more and more men are seen to wear lederhosen. It consists of a plain white or plaid shirt, lederhosen, suspenders, shoes, and jacket.

Plaid or Plain Shirt

Plaid or plain Shirt is an important part of the lederhosen. It could be plain white or checkered shirt. For checkered print the mostly used colors are red, blue, and green. The traditional feature of the shirt is presence of the buttons on the arms to allow you to roll up the sleeves.



Lederhosen are the leather pants, which come in two styles: one ending above the knee, while other extending below the knees and calves. Some of the lederhosen have attractive embroidery on it. The traditional version is a bit tight from calves, which loosen over time. However, some people don’t like the tightness so they go for loose lederhosen instead. If you want to buy a traditional leather made embroidered trouser for Oktoberfest, then visit this page.

Nasty Tip: There is a true but nasty fact about the lederhosen – these shorts or pants are never washed. Actually, the dirtier the better. This way your leather pant will stay moist and comfortable.

Bavarian Hat

Bavarian or alpine hats are also worn to complete the traditional look. These hats traditionally got an ostrich feather on its side; for a fancy touch the feather is replaced by the brush of goat hair. It is said that people’s wealth or hunting abilities could be judged by the height of the feather – taller the feather, the wealthier the wearer is.

Bavarian Shoes

Bavarian men wear shoes known as Haferlschuh, which are mix of boots and dress shoes. The top side of the shoe is made up of soft leather. They are often worn with cotton, or stripy wool socks.

Why German Women Wear Lederhosen?

women lederhosen

From last few years women have been spotted wearing lederhosen too. Traditionally, this dress is for men but contemporary fashion designers have introduced lederhosen versions for women. The lederhosen dress for women has gained popularity since it comes with a nice frilled shirt to expose cleavage and short lederhosen to show the cuts and figure. The girls who want super sexy look to allure men in a traditional way opt for lederhosen.

Lederhosen elevates the sexy look of a woman, while it adds masculinity to men’s personality, and therefore, it is popular beyond the borders. Germans love their tradition, but on the other hand, they are fashion admirers. Their love and admiration has resulted in introducing novel and innovative designs that are in line with the tradition. They do realize if they want to convey their tradition to the upcoming generations, they must present the tradition in an acceptable way.

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