Quality German Lederhosen for Men and Women

If you’re searching for German leather outfits, then you must be aware of the amazing diversity of designs you can explore. Whether you need a costume for Oktoberfest or are looking for an appropriate outfit for a cultural celebration, the most important thing is to secure a quality, authentic design that has a touch of vintage German appeal. You cannot afford to take any chances with a low-quality design that doesn’t look like the real thing. Different German-made lederhosen will come at different prices. Depending on the budget you have, it should be quite easy for you to find something you like that looks perfect. Whether you are a man or a woman, the designs available can meet your needs. If you haven’t made a decision about which style you want, or don’t even know where to start looking, take a look at the top five German lederhosen to suit men and women.

Cracker Antique LederhosenCracker Antique Lederhosen

The Cracker Antique Lederhosen for men is a vintage-style German leather outfit that comes with completely authentic craftsmanship and detailing. The outfit features classic brown leather with matching suspenders of the same color. In addition to this, it has a rustic look with intricate embroidery, making it a perfect option for people who are keen on securing vintage lederhosen that wear well and offer durability. It comes in waist sizes 32-42 and costs $329.99

The Pros

  • Very unique vintage design
  • Pure leather product
  • Easy to clean
  • Lace-up waist so you can loosen or tighten the fit

The Cons

  • Expensive

The Cracker Antique Lederhosen is one of the best lederhosen outfits you can buy. It has that amazing vintage look. Despite the high cost, if you are looking for a classy and high-end product, you should consider this pair. These are durable enough to last for decades, so the overall cost might be well worth it if you plan to wear these to events for years.

Womens Lederhosen BrownWomen’s Lederhosen Brown

For the modern woman who loves to show off some serious German appeal, this women’s lederhosen in brown suede will never let you down. The design is simple, unique, and classy but most importantly, it’s definitely feminine. It comes with suspenders and features colorful pastel embroidery with edelweiss flowers and vines. The inseam is shorter than traditional men’s pairs. Sizes 2-16 are available and the outfit retails for $249.99.

The Pros

  • Very elegant design that suits the modern woman
  • Perfect for Oktoberfest but can still be ideal for other events if you just want to wear the shorts
  • Smooth design materials for maximum comfort

The Cons

  • The sizing runs small

These lederhosen are a combination of stylish elegance and vintage charm. They really help you complete your look and can be customized with accessories such as hats and boots. Again, these are a bit expensive, but you can expect them to last a long time due to their quality construction.  The primary issue that customers report with these is that they run small, so you may have to size up one or two sizes to ensure the leg openings fit you properly.

Kurt LederhosenKurt Lederhosen

The Kurt Lederhosen is a classy design made from black suede. Vintage German outfits inspire the design. This set has been updated to be more durable and a bit more form fitting than traditional pairs. The outfit is perfect for Oktoberfest and reflects the level of quality that is associated with some of the top brands on the market. It comes in men’s waist sizes 30-50 and retails for $229.99.

The Pros

  • Very innovative design
  • Comfortable and very smooth
  • Easy to clean
  • Attractive hardware and contrast embroidery
  • Large range of sizes to suit most guys

The Cons

  • The leather on these tends to stretch out

Looking at the innovative design of these lederhosen, you will definitely fall in love with them. The quality on these is great, and they look a little more polished than the typical brown pairs you see. The main downside of these is that the leather tends to stretch out after you wear them a few times, so you may need to size down. Overall, these are definitely worth the price.

Hirsch White LederhosenHirsch White Lederhosen

The Hirsch White Lederhosen is a bright and innovative design that will definitely grab attention. The lined white leather features blue embroidery of deer and acorns along with pastel yellow piping in key areas. These come in men’s waist sizes 32-42 and cost $329.99.

The Pros

  • Comfortable design
  • Very unique, contemporary look with a vintage German touch
  • Hard-to-find color combination

The Cons

  • White leather is tough to clean
  • Relatively expensive
  • Legs are tighter than other styles and brands

These are a pair of truly elegant lederhosen that will be perfect for the Oktoberfest. The color definitely stands out, and if you’ve been looking for something white, your search is over. You do need to be careful with these, however; they’re suede, and they attract dirt easily if you’re not careful.

German Import Haus Ladies Leather Lederhosen-Gray NappaGerman Import Haus Ladies Leather Lederhosen-Gray Nappa

For ladies who love a simple and innovative lederhosen design, this pair in grey nappa leather is an attractive choice. Featuring forest-green embroidery and yellow piping, the outfit is the perfect dress code for Oktoberfest. These are available in European sizes 34-46 (American sizes 4-16) and cost $75.00.

The Pros

  • Elaborate embroidery adds nice contrast
  • Smooth leather, not rough suede
  • Excellent price for real leather

The Cons

  • Hard to clean

This pair from German Import Haus is an elegant design for women and offers superior comfort, a great vintage look, and most importantly a good price. You really can’t find any lederhosen on the market that cost less than this but are still made of real leather. The quality isn’t exceptional (which is to be expected considering the price) but these are great if you’re not planning to wear them to festivities for years and years.


There are so many gorgeous German lederhosen options available, and to be fair there is no limit as to what you can choose. The Cracker Antique Lederhosen and the Kurt Lederhosen are the best options for guys, but the cost is definitely an issue if you are on a tight budget. The Kurt pair comes in first because, although they’re just as durable as the Cracker Antique pair, their design is a bit more sleek and can be paired with a bigger variety of accessories. As for women, the Ladies Leather Lederhosen from German Import Haus offer an affordable option that’s a must-have if you’re on a budget.

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