Oktoberfest Party Costumes

oktoberfest party costume

Well designed and vibrant colored costumes are inevitable for any party. There, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and greet people and the first impression (before you speak) the other person gets about you is conveyed by your dress. Colors and cuts of the outfit depict the wearer’s personality. If you are an extroverted person and like to socialize, you will opt for the bright colored outfits with fine cuts and curves to enhance your personality so that it becomes eye-catching and grabs attention. On the other hand, introverted people don’t like to be caught in other’s eye, so they usually like light colored costumes with loose and straight fittings. So everyone always wants to look their best, especially during big festivals like the Oktoberfest.

It is a world’s largest beer festival that is famous for its food and modernly altered traditional costumes; i.e. ‘dirndl’ for women and ‘lederhosen’ for men. People from all over the world visit Germany to participate in this traditional Bavarian festival and they also beautify themselves with dirndls and lederhosen. The expansion in variety of the Oktoberfest costumes is brought by the people living in different countries who put on the tweaked versions of Bavarian dresses during Oktoberfest to get into limelight. For example, it is said that wherever you see many girls with miniskirts and shoulder-off blouses, they are probably Americans.

So if you are planning to come in Munich or organize an Oktoberfest party at your place, then you should know that you have to look Bavarian. Let’s check the Oktoberfest party costume options that are available to enhance your beauty.

Oktoberfest Party Costumes For Women

Tavern Maiden Costume


Tavern maiden costume is truly an inspiration of traditional dirndl that comes with long skirt and plain blouse. Despite of its traditional look, it still has curves and cuts that facilitate a sexy look. In cold weather, your need to stay warm and look sexy could be fulfilled by opting for this costume. Besides Oktoberfest, these costumes are perfect for Halloween parties too. So if you need an outfit that is durable and can be carried on multiple occasions, then this could be a good choice for you. For more information, click HERE. You can get this tavern maiden costume for around $37 for medium sized women.

Gingham skirt Dirndls

Gingham skirt dirndls are yet another inspiration from traditional dirndl. They usually come with midi skirts, and the plaid gives your dress a true Bavarian look. On the other hand, some girls like to go for white and blue (the official color of Bavaria) plaid skirt for close relevance to Bavaria. The commonly used colors for gingham skirts are pink, green, blue, and red. These dresses mostly come in three pieces: top, apron, and skirt. They are therefore a bit expensive compared to other Oktoberfest costumes, but the price is justified by the good quality and design. For more information, click HERE. You can purchase this gingham skirt dirndl for around $99.

Lederhosen for Women

Lederhosen is primarily a traditional dress for Bavarian men, and it means ‘leather pants’. The contemporary designers have introduced the female version of lederhosen with embellishments. Women lederhosen version has a short length (above knees) and provides you a very sexy look if you got legs to pull it off. So if you like Oktoberfest and a super sexy Bavarian look, then wear this outfit. For your ease, we have selected a costume that costs about $99. For more details, click HERE.

Oktoberfest Party Costumes For Men

Men usually have limited choices for Oktoberfest costumes. The first and the last option for men to look traditional on Oktoberfest is to go for lederhosen. However, the designers made sure that you still have a choice.

Traditional lederhosen

A complete lederhosen dress for men includes, white or plaid dress shirt, lederhosen with a pair of breeches, alpine hat, and Bavarian shoes. It comes in two sizes, one extends under the knees and calves, while the other ends above the knees. You’ll often see some accessories added to this outfit. The special sturdy Bavarian shoes are known as ‘Haferlschuh’ which are usually carried to complete the Bavarian look. The hat plays a significant role to make you look traditional, and has an ostrich feather on one side, and its height depicts the person wealth status. For example, the taller the feather, the wealthier you are. The dress shirt could be plain white or checkered.

Lederhosen printed shirts

Some people who are easy going and don’t like to put on breeches, but they do want to look Bavarian can wear shirts which got lederhosen print on them, so you don’t need to put on breeches separately. Such shirts are easy to carry and comfortable. You can get lederhosen printed t-shirt on Amazon by clicking HERE. They are available for around $19.


Oktoberfest party is a festivity full of drinking, dancing, and eating, so opt for costumes that are comfortable, durable and easy to carry. Ladies must never opt for high or pointed heels because Oktoberfest is a time to relax. Men can wear the traditional Bavarian outfit or a shirt with imprinted lederhosen. Regardless of your choice, you are here to have fun, drink beer and meet girls.

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