Oktoberfest Music Ideas


Oktoberfest music

Can you imagine a festival without music?

A festival without music is not a festival at all. Music is the soul of any party. Every year, more than six million people descend in Munich, Germany to drink, eat and celebrate a Bavarian festival recognized as Oktoberfest. Among the huge gathering of revelers, there is a major contingent of people who come from other parts of the world. While beer, wurst, and pretzels are eaten, the ambience is complemented by traditional German music that is repeatedly played in the background, making revelers sing and dance along.

Since there are lot of tents organized during the festival, each tent has its own band(s) and there is no rule what songs are to be played. During Oktoberfest, mix-music is usually presented and performed by professional folk bands.  The music is a mix of super hits; two thirds of the songs are German and one third is English songs. So you might not be able to sing but you can twist, certainly. Few songs are typical drink songs and therefore they are mostly played only during Oktoberfest festivals but are still very popular and well-known. Every year, a new song emerges as the number one Oktoberfest hit of year; the song is acknowledged by revelers and they demand it to be played repeatedly. Once the song is recognized, it is declared the ‘wies’n Hit’ of the year.

If you are planning to throw a perfect Bavarian Oktoberfest party in your back yard, you need to ensure you have developed a playlist of the best songs for your very own Oktoberfest celebration. The music should be played in the background to really get you in the Oktoberfest mood. To help you out, we have developed a list of hits that you can download to go with your home spun Bavarian celebration.

Ein Prosit

This is the super hit song that is surely played every year in all tents. The song pumps up the revelers to stand up on the benches and keep them motivated to swig liters of beer. Each tent plays this song twice every hour. The origin of the song is not known, however, the acknowledged version was composed by Gerhard and Kurt Elliot in 1957. So that you do not forget to download this song, below is the YouTube link for it. You can play it as a background, or if have a big screen, you can run the video, too.

Here are the lyrics (German)

Ein Prosit, ein Prosit

Der Gemütlichkeit

Ein Prosit, ein Prosit

Der Gemütlichkeit.

Oans, zwoa, drei, Gsuffa!

So Ein Schoner Tag

The song was released by a German band donikkl in 2008 by singer Tim Toupet. The song was added to the Oktoberfest playlist after 2008 so it is a relatively new addition. The song has become a must for the festival because of the fun body movements attached to it. When the song is played, revelers stand on the benches, stretch their muscles, pretend to swim and jump along with the music. Apparently that looks funny but it is actually loads of fun. So you must also download this song if you want your guests to participate and have a good time.

Skandal Im Sperrbeirk

Skandal Im Sperrbeirk  is an old hit German song from the 1980s by the Spider Murphy Gang, a band of Munich rockers. Since then, it has established its place in the Oktoberfest playlist.  That is the one of the easiest songs to learn by heart. The power and the zeal that it pumps into the revelers caused this song to be banned for many years because you can imagine the situation if groups of people madly hop and jump over benches. If you really want to keep your guests energetic and alive, you can download this song and play it in the background.

Take Me Home: Country Roads                

The English song by John Denver and his buddies is a must for Oktoberfest. It has no relevance with Oktoberfest, yet it gained tremendous fame because of the nice lyrics that are catchy, touching and cast a spell over the revelers and makes them want to sing along. During Oktoberfest, it is played several times in each tent to keep the foreigners (non-Germans) involved, too. You can also download this song and can play it in your organized party to create a perfect replica of Oktoberfest.

Tag Wie Diese

Tage wie diese was a great hit by the German band ‘die toten hosen’ in 2012. It gained immediate popularity and stayed at position 1 for 27 weeks on music charts. Its popularity made it a theme song for the European cup and then it became the most requested song for Oktoberfest 2012 festival. The song is a perfect match for Oktoberfest since its lyrics show strong relevance with the festival. It is about meeting friends, partying, living in a moment and enjoying music. You can download this song here:

We listed a few very popular songs for Oktoberfest. There are lot more songs available on the internet. Just think about your priority for the background music, download it and play it.

“On days like these, you wish it would never end.

On days like these, we still have all the time in the world.

On this night of nights, which promises us so much

We’re experiencing the best, no end is in sight.

We’re experiencing the best, and there’s no end in sight”

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