Oktoberfest Menu Ideas

Oktoberfest menu

A festival or a party without food is like a rose without fragrance. Oktoberfest is a Bavarian festival that is celebrated in the memory of a royal wedding held between King Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxsony Hildburghausen on Oct. 12, 1810. All citizens were invited to attend the party that was held on the fields known as theresienwiese. Since then, the festivities have been celebrated every year and last for 16 days starting in the third week of September and ending on the first Sunday of October.

Apart from the main venue in Munich, various people organize parties in their home to commemorate the royal wedding. If you are planning to throw an Oktoberfest in your back garden, then it is just the right time to develop a plan. The plan to organize Oktoberfest could be divided into three parts:

  • Setting up the venue
  • Menu planning
  • Music, fun-based activates

Oktoberfest is purely a revelers-oriented party. Its purpose is to make guests joyful. You may not be perfect in setting up the venue or fun-related activities, but an authentic Bavarian menu is non-negotiable, since Oktoberfest is mainly about eating and drinking. In this article, we provide you some menu ideas that you can create a perfect replica of Oktoberfest in your backyard. We will present you a few items for a main course, starters and desserts.

Bockwurst Sausages

Category: Main course dish

Bockwurt sausages are the most popular Bavarian sausages. Like bratwurst, this sausage is a mix of veal and pork; but unlike bratwurst, it contains more veal than pork. It is flavored with chives and powdered cloves and, in some cases, milk and eggs. The sausages are often lightly smoked. Bockwurst goes well with the bock beer so it is one of the main sausages that are served in the Oktoberfest. You can get them fully prepared from the market or prepare your own version.


Category: Main course

It is the easiest and most perfect Bavarian dish that you can make for Oktoberfest. It tastes tangy and crunchy but is surprisingly easy to make. For the homemade version, you just need three ingredients: cabbage, kosher salt and caraway seeds. For the perfect taste, you need 1-4 weeks for fermentation, but you need to check and taste it after every two days to determine when the sauerkraut is ready according to your taste so you know when it is ready to move it to an airtight jar to store in the fridge. It is a must for Oktoberfest. For optimum taste, top it with sausages.


Category: Starter

soft pretzel

Oktoberfest is not complete without pretzels as they go awesome with beer. During Oktoberfest, the pretzels presented are usually bigger in size. The outer crust is crunchy and dark brown while the inner breading is white and soft. They are often topped with sesame seeds, coarse salt, poppy seeds or sunflower seeds. You can easily prepare them for your home-thrown Bavarian party and can serve them with sweet hot mustard, honey mustard, Irish cheddar and stout fondue.

German Roasted Chicken

Category: Main course

There is no Oktoberfest without roasted chicken. For a perfect Bavarian roasted chicken, its skin should be crispy and the inner meat should be juicy and flavorful. To penetrate flavors deep into the chicken, marinated it in fresh herbs, lemon, salt, olive oil, and black pepper for hours. Roast it on high heat initially and finish it on low heat. It is mainly consumed with hofbrau beer, French fries and a salad.

Apple Strudel With Cinnamon And Raisins

Category: Dessert

apple strudel

In German, the word strudel means ‘whirlpool’. It is given this name because the filling is wrapped in a layer of crispy and flaky pastry that wraps around the apple filling. It is considered a difficult dessert to pull off. Preparing the dough is the trickiest part; however use phyllo pastry as a short cut. Fill it with cinnamon, raisins and apples.

Bavarian Potato And Cabbage Soup

Category: Starter

Enjoying a perfect luscious and creamy potato and cabbage soup is the right way to welcome Oktoberfest. It tastes delicious on cool evenings and goes perfect with celebrations. Seasonal vegetables are mixed together with potatoes, a savory broth, cream, and spices, and bacon is used to enhance the flavor of the soup. You can set the consistency of the soup depending on your taste and serving style.

German Potato Salad

Category: Main course salad

German potato salad is hot, sour, spicy, meaty and warm, all at the same time. It is really a feast for the senses. The aroma of bacon, vinegar, and spices enables you to anticipate its flavorful taste. It is quite easy to prepare and you most probably have all the ingredients on hand. During Oktoberfest, revelers usually consume potato salad with wurst and kraut.

Bratwurst And Butternut Squash Stew

Category: Starter/ Main course

Bratwurst and butternut squash stew is a hearty butternut squash stew that is embellished with bratwurst pieces. You can add any other sausage if for some reason you are unable to use bratwurst. It is also easy to pull off— you just need butternut squash, bratwurst sausages, garlic, yellow onion, salt, potatoes, caraway seeds, diced tomatoes, water, and baby spinach.

We provided you with some famous Bavarian chow, which are a must for Oktoberfest. However, you can slightly deviate from, or tweak, the dishes and recipes according to your preferences. If you want to hunt for more recipes, you can always google Bavarian authentic recipes for Oktoberfest.


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