Oktoberfest Boobs

Can you imagine a better combination than Bavarian booze and boobs? Well, you can experience all this and a lot more in Bavarian beer festival that is held every year in September in Munich in Germany. The beauty of Bavarian booze and boobs becharm revelers from all over the world to come and participate in this amazing festival. The beauty of any festivity is dull without babes, and babes without boobs are not acceptable for beer ball.

Oktoberfest is recognized as the world’s biggest beer festival. Its history is linked back to 1810 when it was first celebrated to cherish the royal wedding. Therefore, it is considered as a traditional festival that is embellished with Bavarian beer (a special beer with high alcohol ratio) and the participants put on the traditional Bavarian attire. Women fancy to dress up in a Bavarian traditional outfit known as ‘Dirndl’. The original version of dirndl is modest, but with time the designers have brought innovation by introducing boobs exposing dirndls with short skirts. Most of the girls participating in the Oktoberfest fancy trendy and sexy versions of dirndls to jealous other ladies and to grab men’s attention. Let’s see what possibilities are available for girls to look super cute and sexy with cleavage exposing outfits to allure their men during beer festival.

Low Cleavage Oktoberfest Costume

Dirndls are mostly worn with special boobs enhancing bra which is called as ‘La Decollette’. Depending on your desire to show off your boobs, you can select the bra and dirndl accordingly. For example, if you want to show low cleavage in your dirndl costume with short skirt, you’ll find a suitable beautiful colored dirndl. If you are a medium sized lady, then you can get a high-rated boobs revealing dirndl costume for less than you thought. Most girls on Oktoberfest fancy low cleavage dirndl with midi skirt, and if you want to acquire traditional yet sexy look, then you go for this amazing beautiful olive and red colored dirndl by clicking here. This dirndl is a bit expensive because of the high quality fabric.

High Cleavage Oktoberfest Costume

high dirndl

Oktoberfest is a booze party where boobs flow like beer. If you are gifted with high boobs, then you don’t need any push-up bra to enhance or magnify your beauty, so just put on a beautiful dirndl according to your figure and you are ready to allure. However, if your boobs are medium or small, then you can get the push-up bra to enhance your beauty. You can use it under the dirndl and you are ready to allure any man. Dirndl is a woman’s figure-friendly costume as it suits every lady of any size. You just need to choose it according to your size. For a high cleavage mini skirt dirndl you can click this HERE. This high cleavage exposing dirndl is available for around $40.

Boobs Printed Uppers

oktoberfest printed boobs

Do you want to pull off a perfect Bavarian look in a different way? This is possible because there are several T-shirts, aprons and vests available that have boobs and cleavage printed over it. In extreme cold weather when you cannot show your cleavage, you can fill your desire to look sexy by using such accessories. Some of them are so real and well printed that they look real and could help you to make other ladies jealous. If you are looking for such accessory, click here. You can get this apron for around $25 or much lesser during a sale!

How to magnify boobs to look perfect in Dirndl?

As we mentioned earlier, to expose boobs you need to wear special bras under the dirndl that push the boobs inward to generate high cleavage. If you have small sized boobs, then without using such supportive accessories you cannot deliver a perfect cleavage. If you are looking for some real, durable, and quick solution that make you stand out and look super sexy, you can use silicon pads to add natural looking curves and cleavage. They are readily available and are very easy to use – just place them inside the bra and you can carry it under any costume. If you want to get a pair of silicon pads that you can use in various costumes click here. You can get this pair of silicon for around $13.

Every girl wants to look pretty and there is a mutual consensus by fashion designers that dirndl enhances girl’s feminine and sexy appearance. In addition to that, you can use some accessories such as push-up bras and silicon pads under dirndl to expose your cleavage and boobs in a nice shape.

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