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Lederhose t-shirt printed

The real fun of any festival or party resides in celebrating it with true spirits. Oktoberfest is a Bavarian-originated festival that is now celebrated in various countries and towns. But its true essence is to look Bavarian, eat Bavarian, and drink Bavarian. According to a survey, about 90% of Oktoberfest revelers dress up according to the Bavarian style. Apart from setting up a Bavarian ambience, a true Bavarian look demands special dresses for women and men. Women dress up in a traditional dress known as a ‘dirndl’. This dress is a historical costume traditionally worn by Alpine farmers in southern Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It consists of a bodice, blouse, skirt, and apron. Dirndl varies from simple (low price) to exquisitely crafted and expensive, depending on your choice and budget.

On the other hand, men used to put on ‘lederhosen,’ meaning “leather trousers.” Lederhosen were traditionally worn in southern German Alpine areas, Austria, Bolzano-bozen (German speaking part of Italy). Lederhosen originally referred to a pair of shorts made up of different types of leather, buttons made up of deer horn, embroidery in traditional patterns, and leather braces. The length of lederhosen varies; the small ones ending above the knees are mainly worn by children and are known as kurze ledrhose. The most common ones end just below the knee and are named kniebundlehos. The Lange laderhose goes below the knees. Longer lederhosen are formal ones and were traditionally used for holidays, while the smaller ones were traditionally used for working and hunting.

The Lederhosen costume is traditionally for men, however lederhosen costume for women are also readily available since some women fancy sexy attire in a traditional way and so they opt for the lederhosen costume. The men’s costume consists of checkered or plain t-shirts, leather trousers with suspenders, off-white socks, haferal shoes and no scarf. The most exposed part of the costume is the t-shirt; and since Oktoberfest is all about eating and drinking, its selection must be made accordingly.

Men’s Costume: Lederhosen T-shirt

Lederhose t-shirt printed2

Essentially there are two types of men’s Oktoberfest t-shirts: long sleeved and short sleeved. Traditionally, men used to wear full sleeved blue and white checkered shirts, but it looks a bit like an old-fashioned farmer shirt. However, some people like to stick to the Bavarian tradition on Oktoberfest. Some checkered shirts come with a pattern of breeches, so you need not to put on breeches separately. They are spruced up with staghorn buttons and a chest pocket on the left side. Blue and white are official Bavarian colors, however, nowadays, pink and green checkered shirts are also in. Recently, people have started using slim fitted shirts rather than baggy ones. If you are looking for a printed plaid shirt as you don’t want to put on breeches, then here is the link for a low-priced checkered shirt with printed breeches over it.

However, If you want to go for a typical white and blue checkered shirt, then check here for a low price deal. 

Traditional Bavarian Tracht

Apart from checkered shirts, other plain t-shirts are also used with lederhosen, t-shirt for Oktoberfest is different from a normal t-shirt, since it got extra details and traditional features to make it stand above. For your comfort and ease, there are many t-shirts in that market that have patterns drawn on them and you are not required to put on a pair of leather breeches to look perfect for Oktoberfest. if you are looking for a plain shirt with the printed breeches then you can check this feasible option too!

Women Lederhosen T-shirts

Mostly, women used to wear ‘dirndl’ a traditional dress, but lederhosen option is also open for them and it is getting more and more popular among girls because high cut suede shorts with suspenders look very sexy if you got legs to pull it off. From last few years women have been spotted in lederhosen costume on Oktoberfest. Women lederhosen dress consists of four pieces i.e. button up plaid or plain shirt, suspender shorts with floral brocade, and hat with hair bow ties (optional). On this Oktoberfest if you want to have traditional yet sexy look then get into the Oktoberfest spirit by wearing sexy busty lederhosen costume. For plain shirt lederhosen costume , you can get inspiration from this one while for a plaid shirt you can have a look at this naughty piece!


In lederhosen costume, the most exposed part is the shirt which is usually light colored. Oktoberfest is about eating and drinking, therefore the dress is more vulnerable to get stains.

  • Shirt should be hand washable for long-lasting use.
  • For your comfort feeling the shirt should be mix of polyester and cotton.
  • For plain and printed shirt, make sure colors don’t fade out with wash.
  • For ladies who choose lederhosen costume for Oktoberfest, they can complete their Bavarian look by putting on knee high socks, high heels, blonde wig, and Bavarian theme handbag.

Stick to tradition and have fun!


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