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German clothing is famous for its elegant lines and unconventional designs. Germany is a cosmopolitan country with a rich cultural heritage because of the pleasant and welcoming ties with its neighboring European countries. The multi-colored atmosphere has led to an easy and open-minded attitude toward clothing. Germany has a strong traditional background when it comes to clothing, but the escalating trends in the fashion scene is becoming more influential and has brought a variety and modern panache to the traditional clothing. Wearing traditional dress, called ‘tracht,” is a symbol of ethnic pride and on special occasions like weddings and festivals, men and women readily adorn themselves with these traditional trachts. Universally, attire for women have more variety and a wider range as compared to men. In this article, we look on some of the famous costumes that German women wear for many occasions.


Can you name any traditional attire that is more feminine, elegant and sexier than the dirndl?

We think not! The contemporary versions of dirndl are just matchless. In the Bavarian region of southern Germany, women used to put on a folk dress known as the dirndl. In those days, dresses were modest with plain colors and light on cleavage. Bavarian women used to wear dirndl in different styles, depending on the season. In wintertime, the dirndl was heavy and dark in color, with long sleeves and a thick apron to keep the wearer warm. While in the summer, the dirndl was light weight with short sleeves. Moreover, different towns and cities have their individual styles (in dirndl) with their local color embellishments. During the 1900s, dirndl continuously changed and evolved until we observe the latest form of dirndl. Nowadays, the short skirted dirndl is common; however some people still like to put on the traditional version for festivals, so it’s up to the girl’s choice.


If you are looking for a traditional Bavarian colored plaid dirndl, then check out this elegant design. The dirndl features a checkered pattern with a pink apron. This is one of the well-rated traditional dirndl that you can buy.

Parts of Dirndl

A Dirndl consists of five parts: bodice, skirt, blouse, apron, and an optional knot. The skirt can end mid-knee, extend below the knees, or just above the knees (mini) depending on the lifestyle of the woman wearing it. Traditional dirndl are worn in black, blue and pink shades but recent developments in dirndl designs include colors like silver and gold, electric pink and neon green. Most of the time, the color of the blouse is white.

There is big knot over the apron; the position of the knot reveals the marital status of the woman. The knot on the left means the wearer is single; a knot on the right means the lady is taken, and if the knot is tied on the back, it means the wearer is a widowed or she is a waitress.

New Trends In Dirndl

German fashion designers have brought new twists in the dirndl costume, with the latest versions coming in a Berlin metropolitan style dirndl, Anglo-Bavarian design with English style blend, and Indian sari patterns. They are visible everywhere on Oktoberfest and are frequently worn by waitresses of Bavarian restaurants and by guests on weddings. In the southern areas of Germany, old women wear dirndl every day. If you are looking for a modern dirndl style with an elegant and sexy look, then check out this charming dirndl.


On this Oktoberfest, if you are looking for a traditional option other than the dirndl, then try a ladyhosen. Lederhosen is a dress that southern German and Alpine wore in the 18th century. This costume is usually worn by male revelers during Oktoberfest. But recently, women have been spotted in the same dress. Lederhosen means leather pants; these are in fact leather shorts that are held up by a pair of leather suspenders.

Parts of the ladyhosen

The dress consists of four parts: (leather shorts (mini or midi), a blouse (mostly white), a pair of suspenders, and hair bow ties (optional). The length of the leather pants varies depending upon the wearer’s lifestyle and choice. For the wearer’s ease, sometimes the blouse comes with a pair of printed suspenders on them so you don’t need to put on suspenders separately. For ladies who want to stick to the traditional dress, they need a pair of leather suspenders separately. For a complete look, some ladies like to have a hairdo with two knots. If you are looking for a contemporary lederhosen costume, check this out.

Germany has a rich culture and Germans have a deep sense of fashion. We presented you the two main traditional dresses that German women like to wear. However, there is always a room for alterations and changes since fashion is boundless.

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