German Decorations

German decorations

The true essence of any party resides in its ambience and the environment that is created. If a party is traditional in origin, then it must be planned accordingly. Oktoberfest has already bloomed and Bavarian meadow “Theresienwiese” is crowded with visitors from all parts of the world. However, loads of people who cannot go there, and still want to enjoy the true Bavarian party, imitate one at home. It’s not a big deal to arrange a Bavarian party at your place, and the internet is full of literature that you can refer to for setting up a party. For throwing an Oktoberfest party locally there are three things you need to organize:

  • Bavarian Attire
  • Bavarian Food
  • Bavarian Ambience

The Bavarian ambience should be the first on your list, as it should be planned several days ahead. There are lots of simple and perfect Bavarian decoration ideas, so you create a perfect Oktoberfest replica at your place. To get you started, we decided to discuss about the decoration in details.

Bavarian Theme Furniture

There is no reason to get scared, as this is not expensive at all. You just need a wooden table and with a little effort, you can turn your table into a perfect Bavarian themed table. With some blue and white checkered table runner you instantly create that Bavarian vibe. There are many options available – some are simple, some are complex. Basically, it all comes down to your desire and budget. For your ease, we have found a low cost Bavarian plaid table runner that will be ideal for your party. To purchase it for only $5, click HERE.

Bavarian Cutouts

oktoberfest cutout

The quickest and easiest way of providing a particular theme to any party or festivity that is thrown at your place is using Bavarian Cutouts.

When your guests enter the party, the most impactful impression is powered by the hangings or some theme related decorations. And since it is time for Oktoberfest, which is bloomed with beautiful dresses and delicious food, if you are unable to visit Munich, you can celebrate this festival at home with full spirit. To pull off such a party, you’ll need to decorate your home, and the easiest way to do it is using cutouts with different size and colors.

Bavarian Themed Tent

During Oktoberfest, big tents are arranged in Bavarian meadows. However, if you are not able to participate in this glorious event, you can set up a tent or a canopy in your backyard and create the Oktoberfest vibe. You can further decorate it with some blue and white colored streamers and balloons and some hangings. If your party is indoors, then you can hang an Oktoberfest canopy above the table for an instant mock. If you cannot make one at home or have no time to do it, you can purchase one for about $24. For more information, click HERE.

Oktoberfest Paper Lanterns

Whether you are throwing an indoor or outdoor party, Illuminating with Bavarian plaid printed Lanterns truly enhance the vibe of the event. These lanterns are not expensive and come in different designs and colors – some got plaid designs, while other patterns are related to Oktoberfest. If you don’t fancy searching over the internet for low price and good quality Oktoberfest lanterns, then we bring ease at your doorstep by sharing this LINK. It will only cost you around $10.

Oktoberfest Latex Balloons

You can create the Munich atmosphere at your home by inflating Oktoberfest themed balloons. The balloons are available in different designs that are in line with the Oktoberfest theme. You can hang them or inflate them with helium and tie them on reception. You can also group lot of balloons to create your own table centerpiece.

Oktoberfest Pennant Banner

oktoberfest pennant banner

Another easy and feasible way to bring Oktoberfest flair at your home party is to line the party area with Bavarian theme pennant. You can select the waterproof featured pennant banner which is a one-time investment and you can make the tradition of throwing an Oktoberfest party every year. After the party, you can just take them off and use them the next year. They are perfect for indoor and outdoor parties.

The list of home decorating ideas doesn’t end here. You can always do a quick Google search to find excellent ideas. We presented some of the easiest and quickest decorations that will enhance the atmosphere of the party and create an Oktoberfest environment.

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