Funny Oktoberfest Costumes

man in dirndl

Fun and laugh is an essential part of life. To quench your thirst for humor you can tell jokes, do mischievous moves or put on some funny costume. Funny costume is the most easiest and effective way to entertain others. And while most people put on serious costumes on various occasions and festivals to look sober and graceful, very few people think of looking funny and spreading laughter among others.

Oktoberfest is the biggest beer festival held in Munich meadows in the memory of the royal wedding, and it is the perfect place to be creative. Since it is a traditional festival, people choose to wear all kinds of traditional costume and this is the perfect event where you can wear some funny dresses and entertain the crowd. Some unique and interesting ideas always grab the media’s attention. Let’s throw our look on some of the funny costumes that can bring smile on any face.

Cross Gender Clothes

Women can easily carry men’s clothes and there is no fun element in it. However, in Oktoberfest few men wearing dirndl are really a fun factor for everyone. With mini skirt dirndls and some wigs, they instantly become head turners and people can’t resist from smiling.

Funny Costumes & Accessories

There are some funny costumes available that are simply hilarious and no one can stop laughing. However, you need to have great confidence to put on such dresses, as you’ll probably end up on the internet. The costume includes top, wig, skirt, and dispenser bust. If you are interested in this costume, which is available for around $44, click HERE.

funny oktoberfest hat

There are Oktoberfest funny hats available that can be used to look different and funny; for example, you can see Bavarian printed beer stein hat, Oktoberfest clucker hat, and funny beer barrel hats. Funny costumes are usually for men, but the funny hats are equally wearable by females as well. If you want to use this hat for the upcoming Oktoberfest or a Halloween party, it is available for around $15 dollars. For more details, click HERE.

Funny T-Shirts

Funny t-shirts with funny prints or sayings are the most commonly used fun costumes as men and women both can easily carry them. They come in a variety of prints, shapes, interesting sayings and much more. You can search on the internet for the funny Oktoberfest t-shirts and you will find lots of options. You can select anyone according to your taste and attitude. If you are interested in this look and are willing to spend about $14, then click HERE to find more information.

Funny Aprons

funny apron

Funny uppers in form of aprons are another easy way to transmit smile to others. These aprons have sexy and curvy figure printed on it and are available for both men and women. However, some men do put on female figured aprons to look funny. For your ease we have found a reasonable priced apron available for $19 Dollars. To purchase it, click HERE.

Some tips

There are some general principles for wearing funny costumes.

  • Always keep the context and the nature of the party in mind, as funny costumes are for fun, and therefore must be worn at fun driven parties.
  • Your fun should never end in teasing someone – the boundaries of your fun should end with you.
  • Don’t try to target any particular person, community or a group to avoid repercussions.
  • Whenever you plan to buy some funny costume, check for its fabric since such costumes could be worn on multiple occasions and you’ll need to find a durable one.

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