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Oktoberfest cool costumes
The desire to look admirable and attractive is what everyone fancy. But it is not that simple when there is a tough competition and you want to be a head turner in an event that has millions of people. You must come up with a unique and stunning look, but a cool look is generated by a cool idea, which everyone’s brain cannot trigger. You can always take inspiration from the internet, but should always come up with your own original idea.

And there is no better place to shine with your unique and sexy look than the world’s biggest beer festival celebrated every year on Munich meadows in Germany. Every year only a few pictures of males and females from millions of crowd revelers are rotated everywhere on the internet, social media, search engines, blogs, etc. And the reason is simple – those girls and boys succeeded in grabbing attention with their cool costumes. Girls with magnified cleavage and well fitted dirndl have always been men’s weakness. And for men to look cool is a little daunting task since they have only one costume option for Oktoberfest, which is lederhosen. However, just a quick search on the internet will provide some nice ideas, since there are some very nicely printed and embroidered shirts available that can help men to look their best.

Cool Costumes For Women

cool costume dream girl

The traditional Bavarian dress known as dirndl provides a perfect look for a girl. Women who want to look sexy and cool can use push-up bras to enhance their cleavage, and then a nice and well fitted dirndl will complete the cool look. There are multi colored dirndls available on the market with nice cuts and curves to beautify a girl’s look. Let’s check out the cool costume ideas for women that they can wear to look stunning.

The vibrant colored dirndl with miniskirts could be an eye-catching. Color combination according to your complexion and physic matters a lot, and you should work on adding some accessories such as bow ties on hairs or sleeves and knees. The shoulder-off blouse with revealing cleavage can really make other girls jealous of you. If you want to get this 5 star rated dress which is available for only around $56 click HERE.

Women can wear a simple hammed skirt with ribbons, frills, flowers and embroidery in a very balanced way to enhance their look. Some nice hairdo with ribbon ties and a tasteful hat to complement your beauty is another cool idea and no one can stop you to look damn cool. The blouse with low neckline that shows cleavage will be perfect. If you want to get this cool costume with all the accessories in one package for only $36 approximately for size Medium, then click HERE.

Another cool costume idea for any woman is lederhosen costumes. Believe it or not, lederhosen are available for ladies as well. If you have legs to pull it off no one can stop you to look sexy. A beautiful frilled white blouse, either shoulder-off or with low neckline, and a loose hairdo with bow ties will embellish your beauty. If you are thinking of buying lederhosen, then click HERE and see this amazingly cool Oktoberfest costume. It will cost you around $45.

Cool Costume For Men

Men that stick to the traditional costume, i.e. the lederhosen, look damn cool. The real leather color imparts masculinity to men. We can see that the men photos that got media eye are mostly in brown shade lederhosen. So men can go for real Bavarian lederhosen with nice feather hat, white or checkered print shirt and nice and sturdy shoes. Men that don’t want to wear all of this, but still want to look traditional can wear lederhosen printed shirts. But remember, you will find a wide range of qualities for such printed shirts, so please try to get a good quality shirt that is the perfect replica of the real lederhosen. To purchase lederhosen set for around $52, click HERE.

Some tips

  • Remember to always choose a dress according to your shape and size; e.g. girls with bulky figure need a different costume compared to skinny girls.
  • A very thin or lean girl should not put on lederhosen. She can look super cute and sexy in midi skirt dirndl with frilled blouse.
  • A bulky girl can opt for long plain skirt with a low neckline blouse.
  • Lean and thin arm men should not go for sleeveless shirts.

These tips will help you to look cool. You just need to learn to enhance your plus features to appear attractive.

Remember that Oktoberfest lasts for 16 days, and you must select the clothes that are comfortable, durable and easy to carry. Ladies definitely need to wear comfortable shoes. High heels are not recommended as you’ll be doing a lot of walking and dancing.

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