Best German Costume Ideas

German costume ideas

Germany is a rich and traditional multi-cultural society that has influenced fashion industry and resulted in expanded wardrobe for Germans. In southern alpine regions of Germany, Luxemburg, and Austria, the traditional dresses are still alive and women and men feel proud of carrying them for various occasions.

Contemporary designers have introduced the modern fashion lines that were influenced by the traditional costumes. In Germany, the traditional dresses are known as tracht. There are separate trachts for men and women, and their popularity is evident from the fact that thousands of visitors from all over the world come each year to celebrate the world biggest beer festival, Oktoberfest, and they choose to dress up in the Bavarian traditional attire. These costumes have gained worldwide recognition. The traditional costume for women is named ‘dirndl’ and for men ‘lederhosen’. Let’s check out the best German costumes available on Amazon.

Best Women Costume

As we already said, dirndl is a traditional Bavarian dress for women. It comprised of long skirt with corsage, blouse with bodice, and colorful apron. Modern trends have introduced long, mini and midi skirts. Nowadays blouse is available in multiple colors; e.g. black, red, or orange. The fabric is no longer made from cotton and the skirts and aprons are now developed in exotic versions to make you look elegant, special and sexy.

Long Skirt dirndl

Long Skirt Dirndl is the traditional version with a skirt that extends up to ankles and provides a modest look. This traditional version is still worn in some alpine areas of southern Germany on various occasions and festivities. So if you are planning to attend any Oktoberfest party or any party and you want to wear long skirt, then click HERE to find more information. This outfit will cost you around $99.

Midi skirt Dirndl

midi dirndl

Midi Skirt Dirndl is another very famous version of dirndl that extends up to the knees. If you want to look modern and sexy, yet want to stick to traditional line, then midi skirt dirndl is a good choice. Midi skirt is the most popular version of dirndl and if you search the internet you will find how popular it really is. To purchase midi skirt Dirndl for a reasonable price, click HERE. It will cost you less than $100.

Mini skirt Dirndl

Mini skirt dirndl is the most common choice of today’s girl. It combines the sexy appeal of a Bavarian beer outfit and traditional costume. So now is the time to decide – modest only, both sexy and modest, or only a sexy look? If you want to make other ladies jealous, and want to win men’s attention, then mini skirt will never let you down. Another great thing about this outfit is its cheap price (because of less fabric) and it even comes in innumerable colors and patterns. If you are looking for this particular style for only $40, click HERE.

Best Men Costume

Men’s best German costume is lederhosen that has not undergone lots of changes and is the closest to the traditional outfit. The literal meaning of Lederhosen is leather pants. The complete dress includes plain white or checkered button-up shirt, leather shorts with suspenders, a hat, and Bavarian shoes. There are usually two versions of lederhosen.


Platterhosen refers to the leather shorts that extends up to the knee. Such shorts could be used for any party or event, since the contemporary designers have introduced lederhosen sewed in excellent fabric with embroidery over it. Men’s costumes are usually expensive compared to women outfit, but we found an amazing outfit for a reasonable price. To see more information, click HERE. This premium lederhosen costs less than you’d think!


Bundhosen looks similar to the traditional version of leather pants that goes under the knees and calves like Capri style pants. Traditionally, they come with bone buttons and are very tight. However, for easy going people loose style bundhosen is available as well. So if you fancy a traditional look and want to go for such outfit, then click HERE. This amazing outfit will only cost you around $24.

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