Beer Wench Costume

BEer wench costume

Festivities and traditional possessions are an integral part of any society; a society cannot and prosper without them. For massive crowd ceremonies and festivities, the role of organizers and other crew members cannot be ignored. Some people work behind-the -scenes while others are on the front lines to facilitate the crowd. A front line facilitator, who is responsible for quenching the thirst of the crowd and never letting your stein get empty, is known as the beer wench.

Besides being active and vigilant to fulfill the needs of the guests, a beer wench is required to look presentable. To magnify her looks, she needs to carry elegant and sexy costumes that go perfect with the nature of her job. There are a wide range of costumes available under the wench costume category; they are versatile and trendy, and you can wear them for multiple occasions.

Millions of revelers from all parts of the world arrive in Munich for the biggest beer festival in the world, known as Oktoberfest. To entertain and appease these millions of revelers, thousands of beer wenches perform their duties. If you want to be a wench for this upcoming Oktoberfest or for another beer party, then you really need to concentrate on selecting a perfect beer wench costume for you. Here we group wench costumes according to their cuts and styles.

Renaissance Wench Costumes

Wench costumes that fall under the Renaissance category are perfect for plays, pageants, history projects and Renaissance fairies. These types of wench costumes have peasant-style bodices and a head scarf that is optional. If you want to give a traditional look in a modern, elegant, and sexy way, then consider these costumes.

California Costumes Women’s Renaissance Wench Adult

California Costumes Women’s Renaissance Wench Adult costume comes in a perfect color combination of burgundy and green. The costume is 100 percent polyester and hand washable. The complete package includes dress with cape and cuffs, collar, and head piece. The price of the costume varies with size. If you are a medium-sized woman, then you can get this dress for around $36. You can check this link for more details.

Pirate Wench Peasant Renaissance Medieval Costume Corset Bodice

Pirate Wench Peasant Renaissance Medieval Costume is a simple but elegant bodice made from durable and soft material to ensure that it is long lasting. Eyelet and strings are designed on the front for easy wearing. The use of string and loops on the back, as well as flexible front boning, provide the costume with a perfect and stylish fit to the bodice. The bodice is reversible, giving you a choice between two sides. The full costume is 4.5 star rated and is available for around $37.

Dirndl based Beer Wench Contume

There is a range of beer wench costumes that are deeply inspired by the traditional versions of dirndl. We have placed them in this category. For a traditional beer festival, the beer wench costume that is closer to the traditional dirndl could be a better choice.

DJT Women’s 3 Pcs Dirndl Serving Wench Bavarian Beer Girl Oktoberfest Adult Costume

DJT Women’s 3 Pcs Dirndl Serving Wench Bavarian Beer Girl Oktoberfest Adult Costume is a 3-piece wench costume that is made up of 100% polyester and is machine washable. The costume is perfect for Halloween parties, bear festivals, or just partying. The package includes 1 dress, 1 apron, and 1 blouse. The dress is available in two colors, blue-white checkered and pink white checkered. You can purchase this costume for around $35 Dollars. Please check this link for further details.

Tavern Beer Wench Costume

California tavern wench

Tavern beer wench costumes differ from other wench costumes as they consists of a blouse, corset and skirt (hat is optional). The universal design of tavern beer costumes enable it to be used on multiple occasions like partying, Halloween, or beer festivals. If you are looking for a tavern style look for an upcoming festival, then select California Costumes Women’s Tavern Maiden Costume. This costume is 100% polyester and is hand washable. If you are a medium sized woman then you can get it for around $27 Dollars. For details check this link.

Sexy Bavarian Wench Costume

Last but not least, the sexy Bavarian style wench costume is the voice of today’s woman. The sexy Bavarian wench costume magnifies and beautifies a woman’s figure and curves. They are formally designed with various embellishments and embroideries, so in addition to beer festivals and parties, you can put them on for the costume parties, too. For your assistance, we have sifted out a top quality, well-rated, sexy and low-priced wench costume for you.

Dreamgirl Women’s Sexy Bavarian Maiden Wench Costume, Happy New Beer

This costume is 5-star rated and features a blue satin and velvet dress with authentic Bavarian embroidery. The costume is 100% polyester and is hand washable. The package includes a dress, ruffled apron with a bow and bow ties. If you are a medium-sized person, then you can get this costume for around $33s. Please check this link for details.

The categories of beer wench costumes don’t finish here. You can do experiments too; just make sure that the selected attire is in line with the occasion you are wearing. Please remember before purchasing that if you have a plan to wear a wench costume for a beer festival or Oktoberfest, then always go for comfort, since managing huge crowds and walking long miles may make you fatigued in uncomfortable clothes and shoes.

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