Beer Maid Costume

Beer Maid

Who always keeps your glass full, and on certain occasions or festivities, holds dozen 1-liter filled steins, battles massive crowds to deliver you precisely what you need and yet looks calm and cool?

A beer maid of course! Don’t let her looks fool you. She is responsible for taking orders from guests and serving them; sometimes she has to mix certain ingredients like liquor, soda, water, and bitters for preparing cocktails and other drinks. Apart from beer, she serves wine, draught, bottled beer, and alcoholic, and non-alcoholic beverages. She has to make sure the customer meets the legal age requirements. Besides entertaining the guests, she often has to maintain the inventory of the bar and complete all the relevant logs. Beer maidens work certain festivals and events where they masterfully hold multiple beer steins and navigate through massive crowds.

In addition to her responsibilities, she is required to dress in a top-notch costume since her dress and her looks are the first impression. There are a wide range of beer maid costumes available on the market. Though they are labelled as beer maid costumes they can be worn to international-themed parties, (Oktoberfest), stag and hen nights, birthday celebrations, and beer festivals. In this article we will review some fine possibilities of costumes available for a beer maid and have grouped them into the following main categories:

Halloween Beer Maid Costume

halloween beer maid

We see a broad range of dresses that are grouped under Halloween beer maid costume. Besides Halloween, they could be carried on for any party and function. Halloween dresses are mostly available in French and Bavarian versions. French maid costumes follow contemporary themes (have some relevance to Bavarian tradition) while Bavarian costumes are truly inspired by their southern traditional dress called the “dirndl”.

If you are looking for a French version beer maid dress with high quality fabric that is soft, durable, provides you a sexy look and is great for fancy dress party, then you can check an ideal option here The dress is hand washable and one size fits  30-40 inches busts and 35-41 inch hips. The costume comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so no worries. You can get this dress for around $40.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a Bavarian-style beer maid costume that is traditional and yet provides you with a sexy and elegant, look then this certainly could be a good choice for you, since it is a five star rated and low priced costume. It is available in medium and large sizes and one size fits for XS to M. The dress is available for $26.

Oktoberfest Beer Maid Costume

There are many beer maid dresses that follow the Oktoberfest theme. If you are looking forward to upcoming Oktoberfest in Munich, or even if you are throwing an Oktoberfest party for your friends, then pull this costume off to create a perfect replica of Oktoberfest. To facilitate your search, this high- quality and low-priced Oktoberfest beer maid costume would complement your Bavarian theme party. The dress is made of spandex and polyester, is hand wash only and is available for around $17.

Off-the-shoulder Beer Maid Costume

off shoulder

Off-the-shoulder tops have always been in fashion and now beer maid costumes use them as blouses. They are perfect for any occasion, from parties to beer festivals. If you are looking for an off-the-shoulder dress for Oktoberfest or any other beer party, then check the dress above. The package includes skirt, top and corset. The costume features a white colored peasant top with ruffles and short sleeves. You can get this costume for around $50.

Modest Beer Maid Cosutme

The biggest beer festival is Oktoberfest and is held in Munich every year. Millions of celebrants descend on the festival. The festivities commemorate the royal wedding held in 1810, and since then, it has been organized every year. Female revelers put on Bavarian traditional costume known as ‘dirndl’. The original version of the dirndl is modest and consists of a long skirt above the ankles. For the past 30 years, the dirndl has passed through different looks and skirt sizes. Women select the skirt size according to their choice and life style; some women want to retain a traditional look while some want to adopt a more contemporary look. For beer maids who want to present a traditional modest look of the dirndl, they can select long skirted, full-coverage costumes. The costume is 100 percent polyester, and is available for around $28.

Beer maid costumes are readily available on the market with different styles and at varying prices. If you are looking for a beer maid dress, then you must remember to select the one that is easy to wear and is made of strong fabric.

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