Beer Costumes And Beer Festival Costumes

Beer fest costume

Beer festivals are celebrated in most parts of the world with different names and on different dates, but all festivals serve various varieties of beers to revelers. It is commonly known that the mother of all beer festivals is Oktoberfest, which is celebrated every year in Munich, Germany in the memory of the royal couple who tied the knot in 1810 and laid the foundation of this festival. Since then, Germans have been organizing and celebrating their nuptials every year with full spirit. For the last three decades, people from all over the world descend on Munich Meadow to partake in Oktoberfest. The Bavarian-style Oktoberfest is celebrated in other countries too.

What made the Bavarian Oktoberfest contagious enough to be replicated out of Germany?

Germany is a country with rich traditions and values. It has traditional costumes and food, Bavarian songs and even dances. These traditions embellish the beauty of Oktoberfest, and compel thousands of people from various countries to participate. When you enter Oktoberfest tents, the first thing you will notice are the costumes worn by revelers. Both men and women wear traditional dress to feel the real essence of the festival. The history of these dresses can be linked back to times when southern German and Alpine citizens used to put on those dresses. They were designed for comfort and ease because of the hard nature of their jobs. Later on, these traditional outfits were appreciated and they became a part of the beer festival. Let’s have a look at what types of costumes men and women carry during the beer festival.

For Men

For beer festivals, the attire of choice for men is derived from the southern mountainous areas of Germany and Italy where Alpine people used to wear it for durability because of the physical labor. That traditional piece of clothing is known as lederhosen which literary means leather pants. At Oktoberfest, they are a must for any reveler who is planning a trip to Munich. Here are the parts of the costume ideally worn by men to beer festivals.


Trachtenhut is a traditional Alpine hat. There is band or string wrapped around the base and it is embellished with chamois hairs, a conventional gamsbart that is taken from the animal’s neck. The length of the gamsbart denotes the hunting skills of the wearer; the greater the length of the Gamsbart, the greater the hunting skill of the wearer. Some hat lovers like to attach certain pins on their hat, but that’s optional.


Not any t-shirt is worn for the beer festival. For a perfect look, wear either a plain white t-shirt or a plaid t-shirt. Revelers like to put on checkered shirts with white and blue colors to match the Bavarian theme. Sometimes plain shirts come with special designs.


The complete men’s costume is named lederhosen, which means leather pants.
They are classic traditional Bavarian shorts made of leather and come with standard braces. In the 15th century, lederhosen were worn as a work dress in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and certain parts of Italy. Lederhosen come in three sizes—short above the knees, ends below the knee, and at the ankle.

Stockings and haferlschude

german haferl shoes

Stockings are made of wool and cover the entire calf. The traditional shoes that are worn with lederhosen are known as haferlschude and are famous for their sturdiness as they were originally designed as working shoes for Alpine men. If you can manage to get them, they will complement your true Bavarian look

For Women

Traditional beer festival costumes for women are known as ‘dirndl’. Dirndl exists in various forms and shapes but all the contemporary designs are dirndl inspired. The history of Dirndl can be linked back to the 19th century when it was worn as a uniform for Austrian servants. Traditionally, dirndl was a simple dress that comprised of light colored skirts, and shirts made of light fabric and with short sleeves in the summer. In the winter the dirndl used to be thick, full sleeved and dark colored. Now designers have introduced different themes and vibrant colors to the Dirndl. Here are all the parts to the Dirndl:

The blouse

The main part of the dirndl is the blouse and is mostly available in white but comes in different styles from traditionally classic to sexy and outrageous.

The Dirndl Bodice

Like all bodices, it cinches the waist and provides a defined and sexy look. Drindle bodices come in different styles and patterns.

The Dirndl skirt and Apron

The Dirndl skirt and apron give a finished look to the costume. The traditional version of the skirt reaches the ankles but nowadays, in the skirts come in all lengths.

Stocking and shoes

oktoberfest stockings

Stockings are white in color and usually come above the knees and are topped with a bow. There are many different options for shoes. As for shoes, the beer festival is kilometers long so you need comfortable shoes to enjoy the festivity to its fullest.


Accessories include a wig, bow ties, etc. To give yourself a pure tropical look, put on a blond wig with two braids. However, if you already have blonde hair, braids it and secure it with bow ties.

Women have also been known to wear the lederhosen costume, giving women another dress option. There are a wide range of lederhosen costumes available for women. Select one that is most suitable and is in line with your life style.

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