Bavarian Dress Ideas

bavarian dress
Super cuisine, delicious wine, festivals, celebrations, fashion, amazing architecture – Germany has a lot to offer. According to Euromonitor, Germany is the Europe’s largest national economy with the biggest consumption of footwear and clothing. They have a natural flair towards absorbing emerging fashion and trends. The proof of Germans taste and fashion sense is evident from the colorful collection of outfits that one can observe during Oktoberfest, the world biggest beer festival, which takes place in Munich.

Fashion is mostly observed from the female’s perspective; however, Bavarian men are also careful about their look and outfit. The new fashion line is influenced by the traditional dresses worn in the alpine areas of southern German, especially Bavaria, Luxemburg, and Austria. Men used to wear ‘Lederhosen’ which means leather pants, while women used to put on ‘dirndl’. In some parts of Germany, these dresses are still worn but you’ll mainly see them during traditional festivals, celebrations and parties.

In the last 30 years, fashion designers have made significant changes in the dirndl and lederhosen designs that are in line with the new generation desires and lifestyle. So let’s see the traditional version and how men and women both are rendered with extended clothing options.

Bavarian Dress For Women

The traditional attire for Bavarian women is named ‘Drindl’ which means ‘girl’. The history of dirndls could be linked back to 1800 when dirndl version was modest, plain colored and low cleavage. To make them compatible with different seasons, multiple styles of dirndl were used; e.g. in winter season women used to wear dirndl that was thick, dark colored, heavy and full sleeved. While for summer weather various towns got their own cool version of dirndl with shirt sleeves and multi colors.

Traditional Version

traditional dirndl

Oktoberfest is a traditional festival and if you want to completely blend in, the traditional clothes are a must. Although the traditional version of the dirndl is modest and simple with long skirts and high necklines, the latest fashion have brought innovation to the dirndl design. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see many women wearing the old traditional version with all accessories such as hat, shoes, socks and apron with bow. On the other hand, some women find these outfits ugly, and go for the modern version that comes with embroidered skirt and white blouse.

If you want to purchase a lighter kind of traditional version of the dirndl, you’ll have to spend less than $100 get something stylish yet authentic. For more information, click HERE.

Contemporary Version

Contemporary fashion designers have brought new trends in Dirndl with a focus on providing the sexy look. The new and innovative dirndls are designed to expose the curves. Moreover, multicolored skirts and blouse are introduced with several embellishments to enhance women’s looks. These modern outfits can even be worn on different occasions, such as weddings or birthday parties. If you are seeking a sexy, yet elegant costume with midi skirt and high cleavage exposure, click HERE. At it’s price, it’s really a bargain!

Bavarian Dress For Men

Traditional Version

Men usually have less choices when it comes to outfits, but this is not the case with the Bavarian culture. In 1800, the peasant had a fully dedicated costume that had only one purpose – to be comfortable. It is recognized as ‘lederhosen;’ which means ‘leather pants’. For a traditional look, men’s Bavarian dress comprised of one white or blue and white checkered shirt, lederhosen with a pair of suspenders, hat, socks and shoes. This traditional outfit is expensive compared to ladies costumes, but we found very reasonable priced lederhosen with complete traditional kit including hat, socks, shirt, and suspenders, that you can get for around $27 dollars. For more details click HERE.

Contemporary Version

The contemporary trends are not very far from the traditional version of lederhosen. However, keeping in view the wearer comfort, designers have introduced shirts with lederhosen printed on them. You just wear it with the trouser and you are in a perfect Bavarian costume. It will cost you less than $30 and for more information, click HERE.

Bavarian dress options do not end here. Today you can find lederhosen versions for women, and surprisingly, many girls fancy that look. However, dirndl is still the number one choice, but don’t forget to put a bow on your apron, as it tells your marital status – a bow on the right indicates married status, while the left side shows that you are available.

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