Amazing Oktoberfest Party Ideas

Oktoberfest is one of the most famous major events in Germany, and for quite some time now it has been amassing global popularity. The carnival atmosphere that it brings results in plenty of excitement for everyone involved. Sometimes, however, you can’t make it to a larger local celebration. In that case, why not host your own party? In order to make this day magical, it is indeed advisable to host a wild Oktoberfest party and make it thrilling for everyone who attends.

There are a number of ways you can organize an Oktoberfest event and make it exciting. However, you must understand the guests you’re expecting at the party, their interests, and some common themes that the holiday represents. Oktoberfest is truly a party atmosphere, and as such, this day can never be complete without plenty of carousing. Organizing an exceptional party doesn’t have to be difficult; it just requires a little planning. Here are some amazing Oktoberfest party ideas that you should consider trying out to make your event one to remember.

Oktoberfest Party Invitations

There’s no doubt a party starts with the invitations, and when it comes to Oktoberfest, it’s not any different. The trick is to set the party mood right from the start, and theming your invitations to the occasion will surely get everyone excited. Here are some invitation ideas to keep in mind:

Welcome to Munich invite cards – The design of these cards is basic, and you can make them yourself. Print out city maps of Munich and stick a German flag in the middle on a blank card. Inside the card, write, “Welcome to Munich” and include the party details.

Beer can invite – Oktoberfest is all about beer, and there is no better way to set the mood than with beer can invites. Print up stickers that have your party details listed, including the date, time, and RSVP information. Affix them to cans of German beer (empty or full; your choice) and deliver them to your friends in person.

Oktoberfest Activities

There are a number of activities that can make your Oktoberfest party fun and exciting. The most important thing to remember is that everything should fit with the occasion. The following are a few activities that you can consider for Oktoberfest this year:

The Bavarian playlist – An Oktoberfest party is never going to feel truly festive without some authentic German music. Before any celebrations start, consider setting the mood with traditional German music, especially polkas. This will liven things up, and as the party goes on, you will start to see the true manifestation of Oktoberfest.

Beer drinking competitions – Oktoberfest is all about having fun and letting it all hang out. However, that cannot happen without authentic German beer. You’ll need to stock the party with plenty of beer, and if you decide to get kegs, why not host beer-drinking competitions? Consider hosting a “Beer Olympics” and have teams of people compete in different drinking events, like beer pong, flip cup, quarters, or even a case race. Give out token trophies to the winners.

Organize a costume contest – In addition to a beer contest, you can also spice up the party with a costume contest. Consider dividing this competition between men and women so that the guys have their own contest and the ladies have theirs. You can select a few judges among the party attendants and have some Oktoberfest-themed rewards for the winners. The costume contest will be handy later in the night for renewing excitement when the party has been going on for some time. The ladies and guys who wish to take part in the contests should model in front of the attendants and the winner will be chosen thereafter; judges can also choose the winners based on how much applause each costume receives from the crowd. This will keep everyone engaged all night long.

Beer tasting – It’s definitely important to have a beer tasting for all your friends who are attending your party. Make sure you have a broad diversity of beers from around the world, or stick to German beers if you want. The trick is to focus on quality and elegant beers. Additionally, make sure each beer is marked with its origin, its name, and some notes about it. You can set out flights of beers for guests that have six or seven different varieties in small shot glasses.

Bavarian dance – Having a sense of humor at your party is important. If you’re going to entertain your guests with Bavarian music, it’s only fair for them to dance in the Bavarian style. In that case, consider having a session in the party where everyone is welcomed to dance the traditional “Schuhplatter” folk dance. Show an online video to help guests learn, then orchestrate a party-wide dance.

Setting the Stage

The party atmosphere is just as important as the party itself. In the process of organizing the food, the drinks, and the activities, don’t forget the setting. Here are some ideas you can explore to set the stage and decorate authentically:

Oktoberfest banners – The first thing you want to do when decorating is to make sure you hang Oktoberfest banners all around to set the mood. Additionally, you can consider hanging the German flag along with Bavarian-themed banners or a “Welcome to Oktoberfest” sign.

Themed balloons – A party just isn’t a party without balloons, right? There is a great diversity of Oktoberfest-themed balloons that you can buy. Some feature images of beer steins, and others have the simple blue and white diamond pattern of the Bavarian flag. These balloons are designed to rhyme with the occasion and will surely set the mood for all your guests.

Oktoberfest plates – If you’re going to serve some food during the party, why not serve it on Oktoberfest-themed plates? You can also buy or make cocktail toothpicks that have little paper German flags attached to their tops. These are perfect for snacks.

Oktoberfest themed table covers – Finally, you can also set the party mood with table covers. You can find tablecloths online that are specifically patterned with Oktoberfest-themed designs, or you can get simple plastic covers that match your party’s color scheme.


Organizing the perfect Oktoberfest party is not that difficult. The simple ideas highlighted above can really make a difference, especially if it’s your goal to organize an exciting gathering. However, there are no limits as to what you can do; your creativity knows no bounds in this regard. Ultimately, your goal should be to create a wild bash where friends can have fun and really get into the spirit of this holiday.

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